Pioneer Water Tanks

Pioneer water tanks are designed for Australia's harsh conditions and are made here in Australia from genuine COLORBOND steel.

They make a great choice for both rural and commercial applications and have a number of features that set them apart from other steel water tanks.

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Corrugated Steel Tank Design

The 8-80 V-LOCK on Pioneer water tanks is a wall profile that is strong and very easy on the eyes. It provides the durability of corrugated steel and is great support for the inner liner moulded to the inside of the water tank. The 8-80 V-LOCK corrugated steel provides that perfect match between elegance and strength.

Custom Steel Water Tanks Available

In case you cannot locate the right size tank for your needs, Pioneer water tanks can be built in capacities up to 2.6 million litres. They are of course also available in the full range of COLORBOND colours which you can find a link to in our main menu.

All Pioneer water tanks can include a provision for fire protection reserves as well, which is something to consider in fire prone areas of Australia and just as general security and safety.

Tamper Free Bolts

The structural bolts on Pioneer water tanks are are engineer certified and completely hidden by tamper free panel joints, giving the water tank additional strength and improved structural integrity. The smooth panel themselves covers are also pleasing on the eyes, so they are aesthetically pleasing while being extremely practical as they store hundreds of tonns of water.

Pioneer Water Tanks NSW

There are many features that set Pioneer water tanks apart from other steel water tanks, including the 150MM overflow (largest on the market), the 8-80 V-LOCK to strengthen the walls of the tank and more. Pioneer tanks are Australian owned and built in Australia and are made from genuine ZINCALUM and COLORBOND steel, to match your fence, roof, garage door or any other COLORBOND product.

Here at Civcon Water Services we install and service Pioneer water tanks to many locations within NSW. Contact us regarding any questions you may have regarding installation or servicing of Pioneer tanks.

Largest Overflow & Down Pipe On The Market

You won't find a larger overflow connection or down pipe than the 150mm diameter overflow on Pioneer water tanks. Avoid the expense and headache of problems associated with having an overflow smaller than the infill rate. You want something far greater, like that which comes with Pioneer tanks. The 1 piece PVC wall connection stops any water from coming into contact with the steel around where the overflow penetrates.

With a larger overflow than intake, there's also no need for chemical based sealants. Which means you can use your Pioneer water tank as a potable water supply without any fears of contamination.

Exclusive AQUALINER SAFE With Pioneer Tanks

The AQUALINER SAFE is an exclusive feature of Pioneer water tanks, which has been engineered by Pioneer for the main purpose of providing secure and safe water.

Fresh, safe and chemical free water is ensured through the AQUALINER's reinforced fabric weave which is multi layered and BPA-free. Meeting both Australian and global standers for water storage.

A double welded seam is available for the AQUALINER, which reduces the likelihood your Pioneer tank leaking, dripping, wicking or having any seepage. It's an unfortunate fact that water from leaks and seepage can invite pests such as termites or white ants and also feed damaging tree roots around your water tank and property. The AQUALINER double seal has been designed to protect you from these potential risks so insist on a double sealed welded liner!