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Aerated Wastewater Treatment System Servicing

All Aerated Wastewater treatment systems (ATWS) require regular servicing (every 3 months) to ensure that the system is working efficiently and the effluent quality consistently meets the standards set by regulating authorities. To ensure that owners meet their legal requirements and in the interest of environmental health and safety, it is a high priority that regular Civcon service customers are attended to on time. For worry-free maintenance of any ATWS, we recommend a yearly service contract. This contract saves you money and locks your system into our rigorous servicing schedule

Two complete a service on a domestic AWTS we expect the service to take a minimum of 20 minutes, average time is approximately 30 mins, without any major problems. Our servicemen are service orientated, not dollar driven, quality of service is very important to us.

In order to comply with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation we need to provide a safe working environment for our service technicians. To avoid extra cost preparing a site to a standard to perform the service, or refusal of service entirely, all you need to do is ensure that the area around the system is maintained.


  • Keep access clear
  • Think about the safety of our workers
  • Think about the environment
  • Trim trees/bushes to enable access


  • Build over or too close to the system

  • Plant trees close
  • Let grass grow over
  • Place large pot plants on system

When Civcon come to your property to service an AWTS, they firstly will knock on the door to make you aware that they are on your property. The service technician will then go to the system and start the service, our service consists of over 30 items of inspection and reporting. Any defective items or parts required to keep your system operating effectively will be replaced, if the items are larger dollar items, such as a pump, we will make every endeavour possible to contact you, before fitting the item. Our service technicians will also let you know if there is something that you as a home owner can do to keep your system operating efficiently, such as recommended products, do and don'ts etc. On completion of the service the serviceman will fill out the service report sheet and leave it with you, or if no one is home, he will leave the report and invoice in the letterbox.

Civcon service most of the brands of AWTS including: Ultra Clear, Garden Master, Earthsafe, Envirocycle, Aqua Nova, Biocycle, Biotreat, Econocycle, Taylex & Bioseptic.

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