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Selecting an AWTS/STS

Selecting a Secondary Treatment System (AWTS/STS)

When looking for an Aerated wastewater treatment system for a new property or a replacement of an existing system, you need to consider a few things. Property size, blocks of land less than 2000 square metres are deemed to be too small for wastewater treatment systems as the available land area is not large enough for the irrigation disposal area.  In these cases a different type of system may be required such as a Septic Pump out system. Another thing to consider is how many people will use the system, all standard domestic wastewater treatment systems are licensed to treat up to 10 people. Larger systems are available to treat more people as required.

When sizing a wastewater treatment system for a customer, we ask how many people will use the system regularly and how many bedrooms are in the home, is the home on town water supply or tank water, what council area, and the land or block size. From this information Civcon can normally give an estimate of cost of a system, from this stage normally we will then arrange a site visit to discuss with the client the options as to the location of the system and the irrigation disposal area. Buffer distances need to be taken into consideration also such as distances from Dams, Waterways, and Boundary’s. Local council areas have different regulations regarding the Irrigation disposal areas, some councils allow spray or surface irrigation, but most these days are requiring subsurface irrigation to be installed.  Some councils require a geotechnical report to be carried out on the property to determine the soil quality; this will then determine the size of the application area, and any soil improvement conditions required.

It is regarded these days that the Irrigation disposal is as important as the wastewater treatment system its self, due to public health issues. This is why most councils these days prefer to use subsurface irrigation, due to the limited contact that can occur.

Regulations and approvals

Local governing authorities (Councils) are primarily responsible for approving an AWTS in their area and dictate standards for installation, servicing and maintenance of these systems. Civcon provide, complete and submit all the required application forms on your behalf to speed up the approval process.

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