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Sludge Removal

Civcon Wastewater Service will normally supervise the pump out / sludge removal of AWTS. Using Civcon to supervise minimises the risk of the system being damaged, it also gives us the opportunity to inspect the internals of the tank, and ensure that all parts and panels are intact and functional. If required we will refill the system with your own water supply or can arrange to have a water tanker to refill the system.

Some systems require the partial removal of the main lid, to gain access to all sections of the system, this is required to ensure that all sludge and solids are removed. Generally under normal conditions a domestic system will require a pump out every 5-7 years. In some cases due to larger families or the use of products not recommended for septic systems, such as chemicals (Bleach) and sanitary items being flushed into a system, the period between pump out's will be greatly reduced.

Sludge removal of a typical Biocycle waste water treatment system

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