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Water Tank Installation Information

Preparing a pad for tank to be sited on:

Your tank must be sited on level stable ground which ideally has been compacted.

  • If using gravel as a base, between 30 - 75mm of compacted road base, a thin layer of sand or blue metal dust (3mm stone) may be needed over the road base if using larger gravel size.
  • A retaining formwork may be needed to hold base in place (such as treated pine, concrete etc.)
  • If using a concrete base (recommended for slimlines) a reinforced concrete slab, must be 75 -100mm thick with F72 mesh. (depending on tank size)
  • Tank pad should be approximately 100mm larger than the diameter of the tank
  • If installing a pump near the tank make pad large enough to fit the pump as well.

Tank stands

  • It is recommended that an engineer design a suitable stand to suit the required size tank.

Plumbing a water tank

  • Tank overflow must be taken away from the tank to avoid overflow undermining the tank base.
  • Use flexible hose connections between tank and pump.

Failure to follow the manufactures installation instructions may result in warranties being voided.

Civcon offer a full installation service, with suitably qualified installers, please ask for a quote.

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