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Water Tank Servicing/Repairs

Civcon Water Services provide comprehensive servicing for rainwater harvesting systems. With Basix standards requiring all new homes to have a rainwater tank connected to toilets, laundry and outside taps, we have developed a tailored service package to check and maintain the following items.

  • Rainwater tank: Position, Access, Inlet filters, Water quality, Contamination.
  • Pump: Position, Brand/ model, Operation, Pump delivery pressure.
  • Controller: Brand/ model, Operation, Mains pressure input.
  • Filters: "Y" Strainers, Cartridge filters, First flush Filters
  • Installation: Check if installation complies.
Bank of Metal Tanks
Ground Tank Contamination Risk

With space restrictions imposed when building a new home, some rainwater tanks installations and in-ground tanks provide a compromise in terms of location. If the installation has not been carried out to the highest standard, then these installations can be prone to contamination. The main causes of contamination can be ground water entry, due to poor sealing of tank, lack of filtration of stormwater entry, tank manhole being set lower than ground level, allowing silt and contaminates to be washed into tank.

Civcon service technicians will supply a report on the visual quality of the water in the tank & sludge levels built up on the base of the tank. The next step is to check the water pump, to make sure it is operating, and check the pump operating pressure.

As part of the service we check the controller operation, float operation and mains pressure input. We have found that some installations are not to manufactures requirements, which can void warranties.

We check and clean filters, first flush systems etc. A detailed report will then be supplied to the home owner.

Homes located in areas of high air born contaminates, such as dust, industrial fall outs etc should be subject to a rigorous service schedule to maintain acceptable water quality and proper system function. All filters should be routinely cleaned and or replaced.

Water Switch Incorrectly Installed
Rainsaver Installed Correctly

Incorrectly installed water switch (left) and a correctly installed Ransaver (right)

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