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About the ER5000

Our brand of water tanks are made out of UV stabilised, 100% food grade polyethylene. These tanks meet the Australian Standard (4766:2006) and include a 20 Year Warranty ensuring years of reliable service. They are available in many great colours and are suitable for residential & industrial properties. All round tanks have 2 x 25mm brass outlets moulded into the tank at the "3 O'clock" and the "9 O'clock" position. Alternative outlets are available if required. This water tank has been manufactured by Enviro Water Tanks.

ER5000 Specifications

Capacity (Litres) 5,000 L
Capacity (Gallons) 1,100 gal
Profile Round
Material Plastic
Height 1.99 m
Width 1.99 m
Depth 1.99 m
Brand Enviro
Model ER5000

ER5000 Colours

  • Black
  • Charcoal (Monument®)
  • Metal Grey (Ironstone®)
  • Slate Grey (Woodland Grey®)
  • Boulder Grey (Basalt®)
  • Native Grey (Wallaby®)
  • Armour Grey (Windspray®)
  • Light Grey
  • Earthtone (Bushland®)
  • Birch Grey (Dune®)
  • Gull Grey (Shale Grey®)
  • White (Surfmist®)
  • Autumn Brown (Jasper®)
  • Ravine (Gully®)
  • Inlet Beige (Cove®)
  • Beige
  • Dusk (Evening Haze®)
  • Wheat
  • Desert Haze (Sandbank®)
  • Merino (Paperbark®)
  • Smooth Cream (Classic Cream®)
  • Heritage Green (Cottage Green®)
  • Rivergum (Wilderness®)
  • Mist Green (Pale Eucalypt®)
  • Bronze Olive
  • Tidal Green (Mangrove®)
  • Mountain Blue (Deep Ocean®)
  • Heritage Red (Manor Red®)
  • Terrain Red (Terrain®)