HP100 Diaphragms Pair W/-Valves

HP100 Diaphragms Pair W/-ValvesProduct Photo


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HP100 Diaphragms & Valves SKU # 3207 Part BSDBHP100

The HP100 allows for the diaphragms to be changed, without replacing the chamber blocks, it is all ways advisable to change the Air valves at the same time, commonly called (Flapper valves)
The kit includes: 2 x Diaphragms, 2 x nylon lock nuts & washers, 1 x safety switch pin 2 x Retaining rings,
4 x Flapper valves.

When replacing the air valves (Flapper valves) only remove and replace one at a time, making sure to note the direction the valve faces, incorrect installation will result in the blower not operating effectively.