LP 80/100 Major Repair Kit

LP 80/100 Major Repair KitProduct Photo


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The Thomas LP-80HN major repair kit is suitable for the Thomas, Rietschle Thomas and Yasunaga brand of air pumps.

The major repair kit contains (1 x chamber block kit, 1 x air filter gasket, 1 x air filter and 1 x base gasket per kit).
We recommend that all parts contained in this pack are replaced at the same time.

When replacing the base gasket, you will find that it will be very brittle and hard to remove, get a paint scrapper or similar and remove all reminants of the old gasket before ifitting the new one.

Once both the chamber block kits have been replaced, before refitting the outter cover back on the blower, you will need to reset the the safety switch to the correct position. Directly on top of the blower, you will find a silver plate, in the middle of the plate will be a black screw head, this screw head needs to be turned to line up with the arrow marking. Being very carfull, plug the blower into the power supply, and turn the screw head with a small screw driver, untill the blower starts, the safety switch is now reset. Continue to fit the outter cover, fit new filters and gaskets, the blower is ready for refitting to you system.

The Thomas LP-80HN major repair kit suits the LP-80HN, LP-80H, LP-100H and LP-120H model of air pumps. These models are often listed without the hyphen as a LP80HN, LP80H, LP100H and a LP120H. P 80/100 Major Repair Kit