Fuji Clean Septic Systems

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Commercial Secondary Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS/STS)

Commercial AWTS or STS are designed to treat human wastewater on a large scale. Fuji Clean can offer packaged septic systems for standard commercial projects or site specific septic systems engineered to treat a particular type of wastewater.

Fuji Clean Range

Econocycle Maxi Series

About Fuji Clean

Fuji Clean offers a range of commercial septic systems. Also known as aerated wastewater treatment systems as well as secondary treatment systems. Each suitable for many different applications.

All Fuji Clean commercial septic systems are manufactured in Japan and are made of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP). They are designed to contain the entire treatment process in a single tank. The lightweight and compact construction of the commercial septic systems simplifies the installation procedure and enables easy access for difficult site locations. Commercial septic systems can be modulated which makes increasing treatment capacity much easier for future development and expansion.

Due to the variable organic and hydraulic loading of commercial project it is essential to ensure the appropriate system size and treatment process is used