Reln Grease Trap -18L (000914)

About the 000914

RELN Grease Trap has been designed specifically for domestic effluent disposal, to reduce fats and oils entering septic tanks from kitchen sinks. Grease Traps are used before the Septic Tank system, connected to the pipe run from your kitchen. Install a Grease Trap at ground level in a safe, non-trafficable area for easy cleaning access.

  • Suits 100mm AS/NZS1260 DWV uPVC Pipe
  • 100mm Inlet Socket
  • 100mm Outlet Spigot
  • Durable, Heavy Duty – RELN Grease Trap is durable and heavy duty with its 10mm thick walls.
  • 3 Baffles
  • Invert fall of 30mm