Reln Series 300 Distribution Pit complete with Solid Aluminium Lid (000588)

About the 000588

RELN Domestic Traditional pits are the perfect surfacewater pits for domestic applications. Designed for large household surfacewater drainage, they are ideal for under taps, at the end of surface water drainage channels, as a junction box or in large, paved areas.

RELN have a complete range of sizes in square and environmental pits and extensive grate options to offer both DIYers and trade professionals a complete solution for directing water away from the home. All Traditional pits have conventional security grates and a range of innovative features that make installation easy and flexible.

RELN Distribution Pit is designed to ensure that wastewater output is equally shared. An example for use would be to split wastewater flow from a Septic Tank to an evapo-transpiration trench.

  • Internal Stainless Steel dividers – Prevents rust from building up
  • Proven injection moulded lid
  • Perfect for residential areas – Grate is perfect for residential areas, with a lockdown feature for added security
  • Divides wastewater from Septic Tanks – Ideal to divide wastewater from Septic Tanks into RELN Drain Trenching, or surface water into ground water products, such as RELN Stretch Drain and Ag-Pipe.
  • Australian Made from UV – stabilised recycled plastic
  • 300mm riser available – Use RELN Series 300 Pit if greater pipe depth is required