Water Pumps

Civcon Water Services have been selling, supplying and installing water pumps since our inception in 2005. Leading pump brands such as Grundfos, Dab, Davey, Tesla, Zenit, Bianco just to name the main players. Pumps for most applications are stocked ready for purchase, including Household, Farm, Industrial, Fire, Spear point, Wastewater & Solar.

The Dab Ezyline series pump range is the newest innovation in electric pressure systems, it is ideal for water pressure boosting in domestic and light industrial applications. Features include Energy Efficient, Constant Pressure, Power saving, Sleek design, Ultra compact, Ultra low noise, Wireless connectivity.
Another new innovation is the Solar bore pump range, this product is large leep forward in pump design, this range of 4” Bore pumps offer a pump that will automatically switch between AC & DC power supply, without the need for costly control units. It is designed for easy use and requires no maintenance. It is the ideal solution for supplying water in remote areas, where the normal power supply of electricity to the power grid is inconsistent or completely unavailable.


Water Pump Brands

Water Pump Repairs

Civcon Water Services now offer in house water pump repairs and service; we have built our own test and service bench. At this stage repairs are limited to 240 volt electric pumps, three phase, petrol and diesel driven pump repairs may come at a later date, depending on demand. With each pump repair test and tagging of the pump is also included in the service.