HP80 Chamber Block Kit (Diaphragm Kit)

HP80 Chamber Block Kit (Diaphragm Kit)Product Photo


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HP80 Chamber block kit SKU # 3201 Part BSCHBHP80
HP80 Chamber block kit fits both the HP80 & HP60 Techno Takatsuki Hiblow Air pumps
The chamber block kit contains: 2 x diaphragms mounted in surrounds, 2 x casing blocks with flapper valves pre-fitted, 2 x nylon lock nuts & washers, 1 x safety switch pin)

When fitting a new chamber block kit make sure to replace both Chamber blocks and diaphragms, at the same time, otherwise further damage may result in changing just one side. When installing the plastic safety switch pin, be careful as these break easily, also inspect the contact points on the SP Switch and clean with emery paper if corroded. Never replace Plastic safety pin with a metal object, bolt or wire, it is designed to break when the diaphragms stretch or break.

If you find that the diaphragms are not lasting long between replacements, e.g. less than 12 months, than other problems may be the cause, some things to investigate or consider are;
Q. How old is the blower?
A. A blower more than 7 years old is considered to be near the end of its life, and may not be worth spending more money on.

Q. Are the diffusers, in the bottom of the system blocked?
A. Blocked air diffusers will put back pressure on the blower and diaphragms, causing them to break.

Q. Are the Electromagnetic coils putting out different voltages?
A. Faulty coils will cause the Actuating rod to stroke at differing rates, which will than cause the diaphragms to break.

The Techno Takatsuki Hiblow HP80 is sometimes searched for under HP-80