Fire Fighting Pumps

Fire Fighting Pumps

Reliable fire fighting pumps from Davey and Bianco to protect your propety. In Australia's harsh and erratic fire conditions fire fighting pumps must be of high quality. Be sure to consult an expert if in doubt about which pump to select or about how to properly keep the pump maintained. There are a variety of different fire fighting pumps powered by petrol or diesel, many of which may also be used for other purposes including water transfer, boom spray and other purposes.

Care and Maintenance

Selecting the correct fire fighting pump to protect your property and belongings is essential, but equally important is taking care of the pump while in use and also when it is not in use.

Any issues with starting or operating the pump smoothly should be considered a sign the pump requires servicing. Be sure to service your fire fighting pump regularly. As fire fighting pumps are not typically used on a regular basis the petrol in petrol pumps can become stale. A check for broken parts and blockages within the pump should be performed regularly. Intervals of a few months should be sufficient to ensure that the pump will work when it is needed.

Fire Fighting Pump Range