Rapid Plas - 32000L Smooth Rain Tank 32000 Litres (FT32000)

About the FT32000

OUR LARGEST TANK. Giving you 32000 Litres of water

ENGINEER VERIFIED DESIGN. This tank has a totally self supporting roof and is moulded as a one-piece tank. There are no joins, seams or part-lines down the walls. 

FAMILY OWNED FOR 25 YEARS. . You can trust our experience to ensure quality is built into everything we make.

24 COLOURS. With a Rapid Plas tank, you can match it with a Colourbond colour. You might want to match it with the colour of your roof or guttering, or if it’s out in the paddock you might want it to blend in with the surrounding environment. 

SUN PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY. All Rapid Plas tanks are manufactured from Australian made UV20 rated hexane polyethylene for peace of mind & exceptional long term protection from the harsh Australian sun.

FOOD GRADE. We only use food grade which ensures your drinking water is free of fibre, taste and odour.

20 POINT TOUCH TEST. Every one of these tanks that leaves the Rapid Plas factory is ultrasonic thickness tested in 20 different places around the tank to make sure it is of the highest quality.

COMPUTERISED MANUFACTURING. A carefully programmed manufacturing process ensures maximum wall thickness at the base providing long term structural strength.


  • 4 x inbuilt lifting lugs
  • Ø500mm inlet strainer 
  • 3 x overflow / vertical inlet / outlet locations – can take up to Ø150mm fitting(s)
  • 2 x horizontal pipe fitting areas on the roof at 1 & 7 o’clock
  • Suitable for a wide range of liquid chemicals


  • Ø600mm manhole with hinged lid
  • In 1.5SG
  • Fittings Range. Complete range of PE Stub flanges with Table D, E or ANSI 150 backing rings (galvanised or stainless steel) can be welded into tanks to order. Please request a quotation as required.

Please Note: Freight charges may apply on some height restricted roads in Queensland

FT32000 Specifications

Capacity (Litres) 32,000 L
Capacity (Gallons) 7,040 gal
Profile Round
Material Plastic
Height 3.23 m
Width 3.99 m
Brand RapidPlas
Model FT32000

FT32000 Colours

  • Tank White (Surfmist®)
  • Gull Grey (Shale Grey®)
  • Birch Grey (Dune®)
  • Armour Grey (Windspray®)
  • Slate Grey (Woodland Grey®)
  • Metal Grey (Ironstone®)
  • Dark Grey
  • Wallaby
  • Black (Night Sky®)
  • Heritage Red (Manor Red®)
  • Stormedge Blue (Blue Ridge®)
  • Mountain Blue (Deep Ocean®)
  • Mist Green (Pale Eucalypt®)
  • Rivergum (Wilderness®)
  • Heritage Green (Cottage Green®)
  • Evening Haze
  • Smooth Cream (Classic Cream™)
  • Merino (Paperbark®)
  • Beige
  • Desert Haze (Sandback®)
  • Wheat
  • Autumn Brown (Jasper®)
  • Earthtone (Bushland®)