Bore Water Pumps (Spear Point Pumps)

Bore water comes from underground aquifers and requires a bore water pump, also known as a spear point pump to retrieve the water and it pump to the surface. Monitoring and maintaining your bore water pump is important to keep the water supply clean, even if it is not used for drinking.

Natural Water Source: Aquifers

Bore water comes from underground aquifers which fill up when it rain. Refer to the diagram below. The supply of bore water is dependant on rainfall and therefire is not an unlimited supply of water. Regulation on the use of bore water and bore water pump installation is dependant on the area.


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Considerations of bore water

As bore water comes straight from the ground it is not treated. Meaning that the water is not safe for drinking and particularly hazardous for babies. Do not use bore water for drinking, food preparation, for filling simming pools or bathing in. Use should be restricted to uses within the garden, for irrigation or for washing the car and washing cloths. If bore water is your only supply of water drinking look into having it professionally treated and tested at least once a year.