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The Different Types of Water Filters

Polypropylene Ceramic Cartridge FiltersPolypropylene & ceramic cartridge type filters can effectively treat water by removing sediment and bacteria, but will not remove viruses.

Activated Carbon FiltersActivated carbon filters are most effective in removing and /or reducing chemicals such as iron and hydrogen sulphide, objectionable tastes, odours and colour, but will not remove bacteria or viruses.

UV DisinfectionUV disinfection by ultraviolet light irradiation (UV) is effective against most bacteria, viruses and protozoa. UV systems require relatively low maintenance, do not require the addition of chemicals and can include warning alarms to indicate equipment faults. Specialist UV chambers for treating rainwater are designed to provide a dosage of UV light at a given flow rate. UV systems are most effective when the water is clear and free of particles. Rainwater supplies may need to be filtered to ensure effective UV treatment. UV treatment does not remove chemicals from water.


water-tank-purifier.jpegTank water purifiers work to kill organisms or pathogens rendering the water safe to drink. Water purifiers are composed of products such as Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂) and Silver Nitrate (AgNO₃), Hydrogen Peroxide is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the Oxygen is what kills the harmful organisms. This means the compound breaks down into water and oxygen. The silver nitrate is well recognised for its extremely low toxicity and is used in combination as it exponentially increases the biocide effect and renders the hydrogen peroxide more stable both in storage and after the disinfection has taken place. At the correct dosage rates, water purifiers will protect your tank from bacteria and pathogens for up to 2 months.

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